FileMaker app helps eliminate human transcription errors and data sharing bottlenecks while vaccinating 3000 residents per day in what ended up being the largest volunter run vaccination effort in Texas.

Chief Ken Bailey of Travis County Fire Rescue in Texas is a big Claris fan. He uses FileMaker for nearly everything that requires data management.

While Ken finds the platform approachable enough to build apps on his own, he also knows it can be very powerful. Chief Bailey contacted Kristen Hudgens, out of the iSolutions Austin, TX office to create an Active 911 API integration into a FileMaker app.


iSolutions demonstrates and discusses integrating NFC and Claris FileMaker on the Claris YourTube channel and the Context Podcast

The Context Podcast: Shortcuts and NFC, with Cris Ippolite

In FileMaker 19, we can now use NFC and ‘donate’ scripts to be run by Shortcuts on an iOS device. Cris Ippolite joins us today to talk about these two amazing new features.


Cris, of iSolutions, brought us a lot of information, and he’s done a lot of work on the topics of Shortcuts and NFC. Check out his youtube channel.
Check out his links:

iSolutions demonstrates integrating Claris FileMaker and the Shortcuts app along with using voice input from Siri in your FileMaker apps

iSolutions demonstrates the power of integrating JavaScript into your Claris FileMaker apps

Also see more of iSolutions’ vast history with integrating FileMaker and Javascript in our “Web Viewer Magic” post

Thanks for checking out this collection of examples of machine learning with the Claris platform. This article contains severals videos and a podcast that features machine learning and the Claris platform.

Discussing Core ML and Claris FileMaker

iSolutions discusses Core ML support in FileMaker 19 and other ways to integrate machine learning

Core ML and Claris FileMaker on

Core ML and Claris FileMaker: User Group Discussion

Cris Also discusses CoreML in this user group demonstration:

Fun Core ML Vision Model Use Case

Monkey Learn Summary Extraction API Model Example

“Workplace” Engineering with FileMaker

I am an engineer, a workplace engineer.

It has been a rollercoaster to get here, to do the work I love, to say the least.

I studied industrial engineering at Purdue University, and received a degree that focuses not on making something, but making something better.

After graduation in 2015, I started out my engineering career with my first job in the theme park industry.

As an industrial engineer at a theme park, my focus was not only about making the guest experience better, but to also…

The text below is a narrative of the speaker notes used in the recorded session above

If you take a look at the video below, you will a loop of see several examples of javascript, HTML, CSS and FIleMaker working together to provide extended functionality right inside FileMaker layouts.

Thats right, every one of these examples you will see in the video is a FileMaker layout….(No …

Great new features for developers to create, secure, and share custom apps. Check out the summaries of the new features below and click on the image thumbnails for video explanations from #FileMaker trainer, Cris Ippolite. You can also find these same videos fron Cris Ippolite on the page.

New user interface for importing data — More easily map imported source data to FileMaker fields using the new Import Field Mapping dialog box. Use type ahead instead of drag and drop for greater efficiency. And specify custom delimiters when importing certain file types.

Many industries today are adopting more analytical approaches to decision-making. However, no other industry has the same types of analytical initiatives underway as the domain of sports. An entire industry of academic research and practitioner conferences has arisen around sports analytics, yet customizable tools to help professionals embrace sports analytics are sparse.

Another problem for the industry that restricts the wholesale adoption of analytics is that professional sports teams is that even relatively wealthy teams cannot afford large investments in technology, data, and analytical tools. A 2012 analysis suggested that the average NFL (National Football League) team was worth about…


Multiple award-winning FileMaker experts

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