FileMaker app helps eliminate human transcription errors and data sharing bottlenecks while vaccinating 3000 residents per day in what ended up being the largest volunteer run vaccination effort in Texas.

Chief Ken Bailey of Travis County Fire Rescue in Texas is a big Claris fan. …

iSolutions demonstrates and discusses integrating NFC and Claris FileMaker on the Claris YourTube channel and the Context Podcast

The Context Podcast: Shortcuts and NFC, with Cris Ippolite

In FileMaker 19, we can now use NFC and ‘donate’ scripts to be run by Shortcuts on an iOS device. …

iSolutions demonstrates integrating Claris FileMaker and the Shortcuts app along with using voice input from Siri in your FileMaker apps

iSolutions demonstrates the power of integrating JavaScript into your Claris FileMaker apps

Also see more of iSolutions’ vast history with integrating FileMaker and Javascript in our “Web Viewer Magic” post

Thanks for checking out this collection of examples of machine learning with the Claris platform. This article contains severals videos and a podcast that features machine learning and the Claris platform.

Discussing Core ML and Claris FileMaker

iSolutions discusses Core ML support in FileMaker 19 and other ways to integrate machine learning

Creating a Vision Model…

“Workplace” Engineering with FileMaker

Meet Karen Craig, Industrial Engineer and FileMaker Workplace Engineer

I am an engineer, a workplace engineer.

It has been a rollercoaster to get here, to do the work I love, to say the least.

I studied industrial engineering at Purdue University, and received a degree that…

Cris Ippolite introducing the FileMaker community to the concept of using javascript in the web viewer for the first time at the 2013 FileMaker DEVCON

The text below is a narrative of the speaker notes used in the recorded session above

If you take a look at the…

Great new features for developers to create, secure, and share custom apps. Check out the summaries of the new features below and click on the image thumbnails for video explanations from #FileMaker trainer, Cris Ippolite. You can also find these same videos fron Cris Ippolite on the page.

FileMaker Pro Advanced


Many industries today are adopting more analytical approaches to decision-making. However, no other industry has the same types of analytical initiatives underway as the domain of sports. …


Multiple award-winning FileMaker experts

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