Machine Learning and Claris FileMaker

Thanks for checking out this collection of examples of machine learning with the Claris platform. This article contains severals videos and a podcast that features machine learning and the Claris platform.

Discussing Core ML and Claris FileMaker

iSolutions discusses Core ML support in FileMaker 19 and other ways to integrate machine learning

FileMaker version 19 introduced native machine learning into the Claris platform, but Cris Ippolite has been integrating ML into FM for over a decade.

Core ML and Claris FileMaker on

Cris Ippolite featured on talking about Core ML support in FileMaker 19

Core ML and Claris FileMaker: User Group Discussion

Cris Also discusses CoreML in this user group demonstration:

Cris Ippolite talking Core ML at a FileMaker User Group

Fun Core ML Vision Model Use Case

Hot Dog / Not Hot Dog as a FileMaker App

Monkey Learn Summary Extraction API Model Example

“Just The Facts” example uses Monkey Learn’s summary extraction model and Claris Connect

Core ML Vision Model Example

Core ML Vision Model example

Cris Ippolite talking Machine Learning on the Context Podcast

Cris Ippolite of iSolutions joined Todd and Jeremy in the Context Podcast to talk about only a few things in the Claris FileMaker 19 platform: the Open Platform release, Execute FileMaker Data API script step, and Core ML. Lots of other features get talked about as well.


This episode is brought to you by FMPerception.

Cris Ippolite is our guest. He’s the Founder / Head Coach / Trainer of iSolutions.
Cris has courses on LinkedIn Learning. Check those out to learn more about Claris FileMaker 19.

Things we talked about:
1. Todd’s thoughts on the Open Platform Release.
2. Blog post the Perform FileMaker Data API script step, as it returns records in JSON or metaData.
3. CoreML at Apple.

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