Machine Learning and Claris FileMaker

Thanks for checking out this collection of examples of machine learning with the Claris platform. This article contains severals videos and a podcast that features machine learning and the Claris platform.

Discussing Core ML and Claris FileMaker

iSolutions discusses Core ML support in FileMaker 19 and other ways to integrate machine learning

Talking Machine Learning on The Context Podcast

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Cris Ippolite joins us today to talk Machine Learning in Claris FileMaker


Did you know FileMaker has been featured in sports? Specifically an app built by today’s guest appeared all around that world as one of the best apps in a particular segment. This amazing feat, making predictions about how individual players in the league would do garnered a lot of attention from inside the league and outside. And now Claris has featured the app in a great video highlighting how this app performed so well.

Cris Ippolite from iSolutions joins me today to talk Machine Learning in FileMaker. He’s worked extensively with this idea, first as a hobby and now as part of what he does to use the Claris FileMaker platform to make predictions about all sorts of things. In this episode, Cris and I talk about how Machine learning works, what we can do with it, and its implications. He gives us many examples; I even stumble on some of those, and we discuss how machine learning is used all around us.

Cris also shares the story behind this powerful prediction model he’s built that has been featured in many places.

Machine Learning is a powerful and exciting/scary tool. And Cris is here to highlight the power and the scariness.

Machine Learning and Claris in Education

Custom News Reading Machine Learning Model

Core ML and Claris FileMaker: User Group Discussion

Cris Also discusses CoreML in this user group demonstration:

Fun Core ML Vision Model Use Case

Monkey Learn Summary Extraction API Model Example

Core ML Vision Model Example

Cris Ippolite talking Machine Learning on the Context Podcast

Cris Ippolite of iSolutions joined Todd and Jeremy in the Context Podcast to talk about only a few things in the Claris FileMaker 19 platform: the Open Platform release, Execute FileMaker Data API script step, and Core ML. Lots of other features get talked about as well.


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Cris Ippolite is our guest. He’s the Founder / Head Coach / Trainer of iSolutions.
Cris has courses on LinkedIn Learning. Check those out to learn more about Claris FileMaker 19.

Things we talked about:
1. Todd’s thoughts on the Open Platform Release.
2. Blog post the Perform FileMaker Data API script step, as it returns records in JSON or metaData.
3. CoreML at Apple.

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