FileMaker Go and iOS Apps — One Step Integration using FMPURL

2 min readFeb 23, 2019


URL schemes allow you to communicate with many apps simply using URLs. For example, FileMaker’s “fmp:” scheme lets you run scripts in a hosted FileMaker file. Using just the “Open URL” script step, we can use URL schemes to open iOS apps from within FileMaker Go — and even pass data! This session explores how URL schemes can extend the functionality of your FileMaker Go apps, achieving exciting interactions on iOS 9.

Demos include: Examples:

Download Workflow

Next Location:


Edit Image:

Test Question:

IFTTT Examples:

Download IFTTT

Turn Off Hue Lamp

Turn Hue Lamp Green

Turn Hue Lamp Red

and then…..

Apple has acquired Workflow, a powerful automation tool for iPad and iPhone

and then…




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