Many industries today are adopting more analytical approaches to decision-making. However, no other industry has the same types of analytical initiatives underway as the domain of sports. An entire industry of academic research and practitioner conferences has arisen around sports analytics, yet customizable tools to help professionals embrace sports analytics are sparse.

Another problem for the industry that restricts the wholesale adoption of analytics is that professional sports teams is that even relatively wealthy teams cannot afford large investments in technology, data, and analytical tools. A 2012 analysis suggested that the average NFL (National Football League) team was worth about a billion dollars and had about $30 million in operating income, yet most of their revenue goes toward player salaries while still maintaining only about 100 personnel in the “front office,” so it is unlikely that these organizations will employ large analytical staffs, regardless the need.

What teams and sports professionals need are customizable tools for managing sports data that fit the operating budget of a small business. FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform has been helping small businesses from all industries dream BIG for more than 20 years. This makes the FileMaker platform the perfect fit for managing data for sports all professionals.

Here are just a few of the many examples of FileMaker used in various areas of the sports industry:

Fantasy Sports:

Player Journal


Collegiate Athletic Recruiting:
USC Recruiting

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