“Workplace” Engineering with FileMaker

Meet Karen Craig, Industrial Engineer and FileMaker Workplace Engineer

I am an engineer, a workplace engineer.

It has been a rollercoaster to get here, to do the work I love, to say the least.

I studied industrial engineering at Purdue University, and received a degree that focuses not on making something, but making something better.

After graduation in 2015, I started out my engineering career with my first job in the theme park industry.

As an industrial engineer at a theme park, my focus was not only about making the guest experience better, but to also utilize the newest and best technologies to do so. While we had a toolbox of technologies available to us, FileMaker was always my preference.

Imagine a guest who wants to ride a rollercoaster. They are so excited when they get in and sit down but often have to wait for everyone else to get strapped in.

The goal of an industrial engineer is for no one to remember how long they stood in line, how difficult it was to get on the coaster, or even how long it took for a couple up ahead to pass the seat check.

Engineers study these guest experiences, time the interactions, and think through solutions for speeding up the process.

By using FileMaker, engineers can create apps that help perform time and motion studies, keep notes about the guest experiences, and calculate targets.

While there are various platforms to create these apps, I preferred FileMaker because it helped me quickly create customized tools for these studies.

After I left the theme parks, it became clear to me that not every industry understands that they should focus on efficiency. In fact, while many do not, most are in need of new of improved workflows to help them meet their full potential.

Which is why I became a Workplace Engineer, to help companies realize their potential. Adaptable workflows are required in the ever-changing business world, so are paperless workflows, which all require easy-to-use solutions. As a workplace engineer, I now approach these business problems through this lens.

Companies often spend so much time worrying about their day to day operations, that they do not have time to reevaluate the processes they have been using for so many years.

This is where I can help provide a fresh perspective and help them realign their work flows before considering new technology. Technology is important, but an application will only be as good as the work flow it follows.

FileMaker can take all of these workflows and turn it into a solution that improves efficiency while impacting the company’s bottom line.

Because FileMaker is not only flexible and easily adaptable, as the company’s processes change and grow, their FileMaker solutions can evolve with them.

As a FileMaker Workplace Engineer, I get to turn a business problem that seems like a daunting rollercoaster…into a smooth ride.

more information at WorkplaceEngineering.com

Karen speaks about FileMaker at the The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) Annual Conference



Multiple award-winning FileMaker experts

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